Fair prices for violins with character.

There’s absolutely nothing that I can say in the negative sense with your site, your skill or your whole personae.

--Ken J.

Joe is very understanding and accommodating. Also, unlike a lot of other violin repairpersons, he understands the distinct needs of fiddlers. He listens and goes out of his way to give you what you need. Prices are reasonable and service is excellent. He’s become my number one go-to and I recommend him highly. You won’t be disappointed!

--Arthur G.

I used Joe Fili to liquidate my unused instruments. He came over to the house and looked each piece over carefully. Some were entry level and others had quite a bit of value. He was able to discern the differences in the instrument quality. He also was able to see what problems one of my instruments had, and he told me how he would repair it to make it more desirable for sale. We came to an agreement on the pricing for each instrument.

He repaired the banjo to better than new condition. He took amazing photos of all the instruments which really showed them off. He wrote descriptions which were accurate and factual. Once the listings were live, he sent me the links.

The instruments sold within two weeks, which tells me they were priced correctly. He took care of shipping them to the buyers. He paid me quickly via electronic transfer.

Joe made the whole process very easy for me. He did what he said he would do, and my instruments are now in the hands of people who will play them and enjoy them. Don't hesitate to choose Joe to help you sell any unwanted instruments for you. It was a big win for me!

I'm thrilled with how quickly the instruments sold. Joe was in constant contact with me letting me know how each sale was progressing. Once it sold, he quickly notified me and gave me a detailed recap on the associated expenses and my portion of the proceeds. Payment came quickly and easily, via electronic transfer.

I really enjoyed working with Joe, and I wouldn't hesitate to use him again. He's extremely knowledgeable, honest and he has the ability to repair any issues that would make a sale difficult.

Heidi P

I love Joe at Filius Fiddles!  He has performed two separate rescues of basket case fiddles for me….one from the 1800’s and another 1950’s factory student fiddle.  Each of these fiddles sound and play incredibly well and Joe did the work without breaking the bank.
More recently I purchased a beautiful German fiddle from Joe and had him install an LR Baggs bridge with pick-up, which I have been using on gigs and with which I am thrilled.  
I highly recommend Joe and Filius Fiddles!!!”
ps.  Did I mention he’s a great guy!?

Gordon S.

Joe Fili has repaired 3 instruments of mine. He is thorough in his diagnostics, communicative with what is needed with the repairs and gives you the option of deciding. Joe is not pushy but helpful. He is a perfectionist in his trade. I am so fortunate to have found such a gem. I would trust him with my Amati or my Strad if I had either. 

Pam Y. 6/2023

After not playing my viola for 35 years, I decided to pick up the fiddle by way of signing up for a Bluegrass Jam workshop run by Heidi Olson.  I had a fiddle I’d purchased 15 years earlier that was sitting in the corner begging me to take her out and play, but first aid was needed.  Heidi sent me to Joe and he fit me  in immediately so that I could make it to the first class with a working fiddle.  It had a little crack, the bridge was bent, the chin rest too small, tuning pegs had to be adjusted—strings too old, sound post in the wrong spot—bow needed straightening— Joe in his workshop surrounded by the special tools to fix our instruments and make them look and sound their best.  I found it thrilling, actually.   I love that he was explaining all of it to me, and helping me to learn about my fiddle.  When I went back to pick it up, he played it for me so I could hear what it would sound like should I ever succeed in pulling out beautiful tones! His fees are so very reasonable and anytime I need his help, it’s always a very enjoyable experience. Go to Joe.  You’ll be glad you did!

Roseanne D.