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  • SOLD! Copy of Nicolo Gusetto, 4/4 size, Chinese Violin

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    This is a Chinese copy of a Nicolo Gusetto. I could go on and write another ten paragraphs about Nicolo Gusetto, but suffice it to say that his very existence is called into question by instrument historians. There is no hard evidence that settles the argument. He was supposedly an Italian maker in the early 18th Century. Some have speculated that because of the radical departure his instruments make from the classic body shape, he created an alias (Gusetto) and kept his true identity a secret so as to avoid the harsh criticism. Who knows!? Real Gusettos are rare and very much sought after these days.

    Sometimes this cornerless fiddle is referred to as a "guitar-shape" violin. It certainly is a beautiful shape, and it definitely has an effect on the sound. There is a certain warm, round resonance that this violin creates that sets it apart from others.

    This Chinese copy is gorgeous. It has the typical Gusetto sound holes. The top is straight, medium grained matched spruce. The back and sides are of a truly eye-catching figured maple. All fittings are ebony except for the tailpiece, which is a Wittner carbon graphite piece with tuners built in. These new "space-age composite" graphite tailpieces are terrific. They are light, bring out tone, and are very well constructed.

    The violin has been re-voiced, which includes a new bass bar, re-graduation of top and back to proper thicknesses, new sound post, and new bridge. Unless otherwise noted, re-voiced violins are equipped with bassbars and sound posts made from tonewood master Simeon Chambers' 60-year-old Engelmann spruce. It's the best!

    Because of an unfortunate accident, there is a crack near the neck heel on the upper right bout. You can see it in the photos. It has been very nicely sealed, but it is still a bit obvious. We are offering this otherwise awesome instrument for half price. Listen to the sound sample! I think you will understand what I mean when I say it has a big, round sound.

    **As a rule, we do not include chinrests when a violin is purchased. We've found that customers are very picky about that, as they well should be. There is nothing worse than an uncomfortable chinrest. Many players prefer their own chinrests, and there are hundreds of different models out there. If you are a brand new player or someone who would be happy to receive a "Guarneri style" chinrest, we will include one at your request.

    PLEASE NOTE! There is no free shipping to Alaska or Hawaii or to countries other than the United States.

    TERMS OF SALE: Filius Fiddles, LLC guarantees all violins sold are functional and playable right out of the box. Any repairs done on the instrument are guaranteed upon arrival, less any abuse or negligence on the part of the owner. Starting from the date of delivery, you have two weeks during which to try out your new fiddle, let it settle in, make any string changes if so desired, and play it in different venues so that you can get a good idea of its ability. Should you care to return or exchange it during that two-week period, no problem! The buyer pays for return shipping. As long as there is no change in the integrity of the instrument, no sign of negligence or new damage, a full refund will be sent.

    Also, after that two-week period, should you wish to exchange the violin for one of equal or greater value, that is doable. Simply contact me and we can make that happen.

    PLEASE understand that sometimes in shipping a violin, the sound post may fall. This is because it is irresponsible to ship a violin under full string tension. Occasionally, with low string tension, the post may dislodge.  It happens. If so, your local luthier should be able to re-install it in about 10 minutes! Just make sure, upon arrival, that your violin's post is standing under the right foot (treble side) of the bridge. If not, do NOT tighten the strings.