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  • Glasser Carbon Composite Violin 4/4 (FFA-CCV)

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        Carbon fiber is five times stronger than steel. One would think that a violin made from this material would sound something like a trash can in the wind. Well, think again, especially you crusty traditionalists out there. Carbon composite fiddles are quickly finding friends in the musical world, and for good reason. 

        First, yes, they are tough, and therefore they are perfect for students and others who may find themselves in difficult environments, like rainy festivals or crowded and rough playing conditions. Players who use carbon fiber bows already understand these safeguards. However, more to the point, their durability does not automatically lead to a tone-deprived instrument. In fact, just the opposite.

        The long established and highly reputed Glasser Bow Company has entered the carbon composite violin field with a tremendous product. After years of careful research and development, Glasser is producing a wonderful, affordable carbon composite violin, a model of which you see here. Go to Glasser

        I play all of the violins in my shop to get to know them and to insure that they are ready to go out into the world and make my customers happy. If they don't have what it takes, back to the bench they go. I have played this fiddle in performance; that's how much I trust it. The intonation is incredibly accurate, the tone is expansive and tends to the dark side, the neck is very comfortable, and as a pleasant bonus, the pegs are Wittner Fine Tune planetary Geared pegs. check them out  

        This violin has been adjusted and set-up for optimal playing. It features  D'AddarioHelicore strings and an Adinath harp tailpiece (The harp tailpiece is no longer on this violin. Instead, the original Glasser tailpiece has been re-installed.)  Not pictured here is the Guarneri-style chin rest, which comes with the violin.